Family Assistant

Family Assistant is the World’s 1st true Coffin Creation/Design Software.

It displays a photo realistic three dimensional coffin model, which the user can customise by changing the material; the mouldings; the lid style; the colour; and by adding panels; handles; lid fittings; and cords to create their coffin of choice.

In addition, a description of options selected is displayed as a reference for the user and the whole page can be saved as a photo either for future presentation or so that choices can be communicated via email.

Family Assistant is available in two versions: Full and Lite

Full Versions allow the user to rotate the 3d model 360 degrees for viewing, but are larger files requiring longer to download and may run more slowly on older computers and less powerful windows tablets.

Lite Versions have exactly the same features and capabilities but do not allow the user to rotate the image and as such are much smaller programs.

Family Assistant is also available for iOS and Android from iTunes and Google Play respectively.


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