There is a common misconception that Eco Coffins are more environmentally friendly than chipboard equivalents. Please find enclosed information regarding our products and their comparative impact on the environment.

  • Chipboard is recycled wood created by using waste material from the lumber industry┬ásuch as chipping; sawdust; shavings and bark and transforming it into usable sheets.

    The chipboard we use is manufactured within the EU and has to comply with stringent legislation to ensure it is extremely low in Formaldehyde.

    Chipboard products are found in every home and do not cause risk to health.

  • The solid timber and veneers used in our products are purchased from traceable, well managed sustainable sources.

    For every tree felled a replacement seedling is planted to ensure the forest is constantly renewed.

    The manufacture of solid timber and chipboard coffins does not contribute to deforestation.

  • 35% of world wide timber harvested each year is used to make paper and cardboard - far greater than that used for chipboard.

    The manufacture of both virgin and recycled cardboard is chemically dependent and results in highly toxic chemicals being released into the environment.

    Burning paper products releases Sulphur Dioxide one of the main components of acid rain.

  • Wicker, Bamboo and other Eco Coffins originating in the Far East travel over 5000 miles by ship to get to the UK.

    Cargo ships use low grade bunker fuel which contains 2000 times the sulphur compared to diesel used in automobiles.

    One large container ship can emit cancer and asthma causing pollutants equivalent to 50 million cars each year.

    Imported Eco Coffins leave a massive carbon footprint.


  • Eco Coffins and Cardboard coffins burn very quickly instead of creating a slow, even heat like wood.

    Cremators operate at high temperatures to destroy environmental pollutants. The lower contributory heat generated from these products result in more gas being used to maintain minimum temperatures.

    The difference is so large that some crematoria apply a surcharge to pay for this extra gas.


  • Both ourselves and our suppliers comply with strict Environmental, Health and Safety and Employment Laws, whilst providing both employment and income to our local communities.

    Far East manufacturers and ships in international waters do not have to follow such stringent legislation.


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